A Chief Restructuring Officer provides stability and leadership to companies in trouble, creating value and a return to normality for distressed and underperforming businesses.

When a business descends into financial or operational turmoil and the CEO needs to focus on day-to-day operations, the Chief Restructuring Officer (CRO) can be a valuable asset, helping to stabilize the situation and coordinate restructuring efforts without adversely impacting daily operations.

Wildwood Ventures knows the intensity of focus and dedication needed to rescue foundering businesses and uses a tried-and-tested structured approach to turnaround situations.

As a CRO, Wildwood Ventures will:


Implement an overall turnaround governance and commutation plan


Create a 90-day cash flow plan


Mobilise an internal restructuring team and PMO


Identify the root cause of financial or operational turmoil


Execute an in-depth data-driven analysis on running business issues


Produce a quick-win plan (bottom line impact within 30 days)


Create a viable business case


Develop a Target Operating Model


Implement a Restructuring Plan and Delivery Business Case

A CRO works as an experienced partner for business leaders and stakeholders during critical or crisis situations. Whether a balance sheet repair is needed or an operational restructuring or the implementation of rigour and pace into a transformation program, Wildwood Ventures provides independent, senior professionals with relevant experience, credibility, and the expertise to serve on boards. Contact Us

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