Meet Your Peer is an event organised by Wildwood Ventures in which associates and competitors are invited to come together to discuss current situations such as the development of markets or ways to adapt quickly to threats like Covid-19 or more broader issue like macro-economic developments or industry-related challenges.

Only CEOs of >500M turnover businesses are invited to the group and numbers are currently limited to 10. The meeting takes an open discussion format and NDAs will need to be signed prior to the event. Anything discussed in the room stays in the room. The advantages of these events include network expansion with CEOs in similar markets or regions, a chance to openly discuss challenges across industries while learning from the experiences of selected, known speakers in fields of relevant expertise.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, no events are scheduled for the first quarter of 2021.
Upcoming Meet Your Peer Events:



June 18, 2021
All Day
Santa Monica – Shangri-La
July 16, 2021
All Day
Hong Kong – Four Seasons
September 17, 2021
All Day
Amsterdam – Krasnapolsky

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